Web technologies, IoT, and their confluence

Concise posts about web technologies, software development, IoT (Internet of Things) and melding them together. Since the audience is fellow developers, I will avoid replicating official docs. You will surely understand the basics of installing modules and using them and I don't want to waste your time on that.

Mostly working with React.js and derivative frameworks such as Next.js on the frontend and Node.js on the backend. However, there'll be some non-framework related posts too.

Mobile app development has been greatly simplified with the advent of React Native so I'll be exploring that too.

Collecting data from sensors and devices obviously requires some type of storage unless truly transient. I'll mostly use MongoDB but also other document type DBs such as DynamoDB or key:value stores such as Redis. IoT data collection is typically time based so time series DBs will be explored.

There's no point in collecting data without seeing them. Therefore, some posts will delve into data extraction and visualization.

Some posts are content for classes for which I am an instructor.

Since I have nowhere else to post, I'll be throwing some random stuff in here.